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Maintenance Contracts


The service you need, at a price you like!

When you sign up for one of 2-year contracts, you'll receive exceptional maintenance service performed on a semiannual basis. While some of the "other guys" might charge you an arm and a leg for their maintenance contracts, we charge only $240 for one system of $400 for two systems, saving you money in the both the short and long term.


Enjoy the Benefits of a Contract:

  •         Inspect and clean outdoor coils if needed
  •         Inspect outdoor fan motor, test capacitors
  •         Inspect compressor contractor for burning or pitting of contracts
  •         Tighten all electrical connections at disconnect and contactor
  •         Inspect air handler, check fan for free rotation and inspect indoor fan motor
  •         Tighten thermostat connections at air handler
  •         Tighten main power connections to the air handler
  •         Clean indoor motor
  •         Inspect indoor coil
  •         Start unit and check pressures, sub-cooling, superheat, and proper air flow
  •         Check supply and return temperatures
  •         Check running amps and compare to manufacturers specs
  •         Check unit for proper Freon charge

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